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Weather in NZ

3 Words: It's Bloody Cold!

Since I arrived in NZ, I’ve learned a few things. The most important because it is impacting my trip: even though it’s spring, it feels like winter. It’s bloody cold, to put it like the English, Scots, Irish, and others I’ve met. Since I had planned to do some sailing and scuba diving, but it’s too darn cold, I’ve decided to switch my trip around a little bit. I'm a summer bunny....if I'm going to pay for a vacation, the weather better be pleasant! And it's been cold and rainy since I've been here. (It's becoming amusing though, because in every bar, the musicians keep singing CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain.") Well, I've had about enough--especially after meeting people who just came to Auckland from tropical places.

Therefore, I'm leaving NZ for the time being. Peace out, Kiwis.....I’m headed to the tropics. Fiji here I come!!!

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Rugby World Cup 2011

Connecting with my Scottish roots....

I came back from the Bay of Islands today. I had planned to spend over a week there, but the weather just wasn’t that accommodating. After all, who wants to go scuba diving and sailing in bitterly cold weather? Not me! So I came back to Auckland, met up with my English friend, Chris, and bought a ticket to the England-Scotland rugby match.

The atmosphere was unreal. All of the Scots wore kilts. What a blast they all were! It reminded me of football gamedays back home. Everybody was walking all over town in their garb--drinking, eating fish and chips...--you would have thought I was in Great Britain! As I was crossing one of the main intersections, 5 girls came out into the middle of the street and performed a Spice Girls number. I also met Zara Phillips (not the real one unfortunately) who was there to support her husband who’s on the England Rugby team--(check out the photo).

Then we went to the Eden Park stadium. Seeing the scrums and rucks in real life made it really cool. All of the Scots and English went nuts! It was truly a cultural experience. My knowledge of Rugby has gone from zero to 60 over the past couple of days. The English fans even sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"--the theme song for the England Rugby team...random. I had to support the Scots! Since I do have some Scottish ancestry, I felt I wouldn't be doing the Wallace last name justice if I didn't cheer for them. They did well too! Were up in the first half--however, then the English team began playing in the second half and they lost. O well.

As far as I’m concerned, from now on let’s go England! Who knows, if they make it to the Semi-Final or Final, my favorite royal couple might make a journey to NZ :)


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Bay of Islands

Just call me the First Mate!

I arrived in Paihia, the capital of the Bay of Islands, on Thursday. The Bay of Islands is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in all of New Zealand....too bad it was raining and bitterly cold. But that didn’t stop me from getting a sailing lesson in the sailing capital of New Zealand! Once we reached one of the furthest islands, we hiked all the way to the top--look at the views--so gorgeous!

The skipper, Michael, taught me how to hoist all of the sails. I feel like a pro. It was a great experience. I learned about life on the 45-(the 45 degree angle a boat has when it's sailing)....but I was swaying for the rest of the night. Gotta get my sea legs I guess.

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Rangitoto Island

Hiking with the Brits and the French

I met some cool Frenchmen and an Englishmen and we hiked to the top of Rangitoto Island--an island off of Auckland. It was quite a hike but we had some amazing views that greeted us at the top. One piece of advice: never ever go hiking in Sperrys. Here are some views from the top!

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"City of Sails"

10 °C

DSC00027.jpg DSC00031.jpg
I arrived in Auckland, aka, the City of Sails on Tuesday (keep in mind it was Monday afternoon back home in Virginia). It was a beautiful sunny (but brisk & windy) day, so to explore the city, I walked down Queen Street to the Harbor. There were some of the most beautiful yachts and sailboats parked in the Harbor. I had my first bit of fish and chips and then explored the Rugby World Cup FanZone, where there was a giant Rugby ball (see picture). Inside, they had a video on New Zealand, which was really cool. What a great environment to watch rugby games on the big screen!

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T minus 2 Days

1st entry and the last before the adventure begins...

Wanderlust: n. A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

I'm 24 years old and I've always dreamed of traveling the world. Growing up, instead of buying a new car, my parents would take my brothers and me on a trip, and I thank my parents for instilling me with a love of exploring the world from a young age, because I'm about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

I've decided to take a life-changing trip around the world...eat, pray, love style. The first part, seeing some parts of the world that I've long dreamed of seeing, and the second part, working overseas either in India, East Africa, or South Africa (or all three!). So a few weeks ago, I left my job at the University of Virginia and kissed Charlottesville, VA goodbye after 6 years. In two days, I leave for my trip, and in 4 days (yes, it takes 24 hours to get there plus an extra day since I'll pass the International Date Line), I'll be in Auckland, New Zealand.

My Itinerary:
1. New Zealand (Rugby World Cup 2011)
2. New Caledonia
3. Australia (Australian Open 2012)
4. Fiji
5. Singapore
6. Bali
7. Thailand
8. Sri Lanka
9. India
10. Nepal (Everest Base Camp)
11. Kenya
12. Tanzania
13. South Africa

People keep asking me how I feel: a mix of excitement, fear of the unknown, so many things....but I have this inkling which brings a smile to my face that my life is about to change....for the better. So this, my friends, is my story about my trip around the world. I look forward to hearing your thoughts along the way. Thanks for following and I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Catch ya on the flip side :)

P.S. Thanks to this guy for showing me how you can travel around the world for $418. (Mine was actually only $300 so I got him beat :) http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/12/09/how-to-fly-35000-miles-visit-4-continents-9-countries-and-15-cities-for-418/

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